Miguel Vargas


Race: Hispanic

Height: 5’10

Weight: 155lbs

Eye color: Dark brown

Facial features: side burns with gold tee (solid black)

Skin tone: light brown tone

Age: 27 years old


Son of his late parents Manuel and Rosemary Sosa in Havana, Cuba; Miguel Vargas was sent to NAF (Northern Atlantic Front) at the age of 3yrs old. Shortly after his departure (roughly about 3 months later) from Cuba the country was destroyed by an unknown force in the form of devastating tidal waves and earthquakes in which suspicion pointed to NAF’s Security Council of the Atlantic Front (SCAF) behind the massacre but with little to no evidence. The suspicion became a rampart rumor due to SCAF’s dealings with WISK’s (Western Institute of Science and Knowledge) weather project called Angel Tears that on the surface was use to study weather patterns in NAF’s surrounding territories but in essence the numerous satellites could be used to disturb and manipulate the energy patterns of the atmosphere as well as movement of atoms in the soil. Miguel’s parents were supporters of General Fernandez Porto who stood up against the policies of NAF and spoke out against them on the floor of the United Global Nations of Good.


Miguel was raised by his uncle; Oscar Vargas who worked as a security guard at a local drug company of WISK in Midwest City, Missouri. Oscar kept Miguel’s true last name and background a secret, and raised him as his own, using his last name. Miguel lived a pretty normal childhood from that point even to the point of forgetting about his biological parents and barely remembering that he once lived in Cuba. He was protected but deep down knew he was from somewhere else but for the longest time never questioned his childhood beginnings.


At the age of 18yrs old Miguel was recruited by NAF’s paramilitary special team of grunt men who did clean up missions. He performed over 100 missions with the elite squads of the western army, earning numerous medals and awards for combat bravery. His outstanding performance and achievements as a soldier allowed him to enroll in the paramilitary’s college, NAF’s Point of Excellence, for free earning a Scholar of Philosophy with maintaining a “B” average for most of his tenure. He was granted an honorable re-citizenship back into society and was ready to move forward in his life without the military which had been his home for the past 6yrs.


Upon his return to Midwest City, he witnessed a surged of crime in his old neighborhood that was caused by the infamous gang; Gangland, who terrorized his neighborhood. He then recruited friends and residents of the subdivision, as well as former disgruntled Gangland members who were now targeted by their former clan for various reasons, and created ‘Lost Tribe’. The fights between Lost Tribe and Gangland engulfed the city into a war that many viewed as a battle for turf, but in the eyes of the people they knew the truth. Lost Tribe were the protectors against the menacing Gangland, but oddly enough this was never reported in the local or national media. Miguel and his crew later met Det. Glenn Higgins and was introduced to Dr. Anthony Payne and Yosul. They joined together to fight against Gangland but little do they know another force starting to show themselves as their enemy. Their true enemy who in turn was an enemy of the common people; the free thinkers, the ones who had not the money or perceived political power to illicit help from the authorities. Miguel in essence risen from a doomed homeland, a soldier for NAF to a revolutionary who’s goal was the heal the city of a sickness.


Apathy for change….

(artwork by Joel “Yoel” Charles of St. Louis, MO)

{ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: PLACE OF BIRTH: MIDWEST CITY [may not be actual place of birth due to records tampering 2014 Act of Former Cuba/Southern Island Conflict] BIRTH PARENTS: UNK}


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