Welcome to Midwest City — The new Hell’s Kitchen.  Political unrest, police corruption, and government cover-ups has climbed to an unimaginable, and ‘all-time‘ new low, meaning an ‘all-time‘ new high.  The thick, looming smog is nothing compared to the crime rate, which is ‘through-the-roof‘, and rising with no end in sight — Hell, even the Mayor’s dirty!

Now a far cry of it’s former self, St. Louis, MO; Midwest City is much grittier, grimier, and extends farther along the banks of the Mighty Mississippi River. Despite the veil of gloom that sheaths the metropolis, a recent expansion or ‘Reconstruction Era‘ has resulted in significant physical growth of the city, which is now the size of Chicago, as well as a surge in business and revenue.

The city’s high crime rate percentage has its number one contributor, the infamous gang — Gangland, to thank for its unbelievable hike, and following in a very close 2nd place, is the crooked, ‘after-hours‘ police unit — Ghost Squad, whose members could be better described as ‘criminals-with-badges‘.

Fortunately for Midwest City, all is not without hope because there’s a new sheriff, or in this case, a new anti-hero on the scene that doesn’t hesitate to incinerate the trash — his name is, ‘Yosul‘, but stick around look enough and you will come to know him better as — ‘ShadowKill‘.  Don’t worry, when things get to hot for Yosul-ShadowKill to handle alone, he has back-up from the ‘rough-around-the-edges‘ cop, Detective Glenn Higgins, and a young vigilante faction that causes all kinds of hell for Gangland — ‘Lost Tribe‘.  Together, with Lost Tribe and Detective Higgins, Yosul-ShadowKill slowly begins to eradicate the criminal element plaguing Midwest City.  Now of course things are much, much deeper, but we can’t reveal everything to you, now can we!?  Thanks for stopping by and reading!

F. Kenneth Taylor

K.G. Bethlehem


  1. lightningpen says:

    Hi, this sounds to be a great read that I could get into! Great characters and great details, it should be huge! Thank you for the follow! If you know the end of the story, never tell the first page! Keep writing!

  2. kgbethlehem says:

    Excellent write up my friend. The nature of such a city parrells cities in the world that were lost to corruption and apathy.

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