SCAF code file# 17B-111

Name: Anthony Kevin Payne (Doctor of Computer Science)
Age: 43 years old
Birthplace: Midwest City, MO (at the time St. Louis City, MO before earthquake)
Birth parents: Gregory Payne & Andrea Mae Haynes
Height: 5’10
Weight: 165lbs
Hair style: Medium size Afro with complete full grown beard and mustache
Hair color: Dark brown
Eye color: Light brown; does were prescription glasses.
Alert Status for file: Codification 3 (potential for closer examination—see WISK file #212C)

“It is vital that you listen to the exact words i am saying right now, if not i shall not look forward to visiting your grave…”

Educational Background:

BA in Mechanical Engineering from Washington University of St. Louis, MO (now Midwest South University)

MA and Doctoral from More house College (Atlanta, GA) in Computer Science.
(Special note: Was a two-time NCAA Division III Wrestling Champion in the 135 pound class freestyle wrestling. Three-time NCAA Division III Rifle; Long shot marksman).

Was married to Maya Payne (10 years) and through this union bore a son name Abram Payne (present time child is 8yrs old). Maya Payne died four years ago of AIDS. Mrs. Payne contacted the virus when she was operated on for a blood clot at Midwest Hospital Northern. Dr. Payne owns a computer firm called Kemeteck LLC and has dedicated on supplying inner city and rural communities with free computers and computer training due to the low income status of both communities. In his spare time he is performing research on the AIDS virus in hopes of learning more about a cure among other things…

Dr. Payne met Yosul (aka ShadowKill) 2yrs ago in Northern Virginia while he was attending a conference on computer training. Yosul saved the good doctor when he was attack by corrupt cops in the middle of the night to which he saw Yosul’s true form. Both develop a kinship and Dr. Payne urged him that if he ever comes to Midwest City, MO look him up so he could return the favor. After Yosul met Sarah Johnson four months later he moved to Midwest City and met up with Dr. Payne. Both formed an alliance when they met Det. Higgins in an attempt to uncover the corruption of the police force.

Through this union of revolutionaries, the world would never forget their name in future times….

Here’s a hint think of DEMONS of an olden age……..

(artwork done by Joel “Yoel” Charles of St. Louis, MO)


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