Anti-Utopian Midwest City, MO (formerly St. Louis, MO)—-color suppressing the shadows 2041 AD…

He was a true hero,

you know the unselfishness kind,
the ones who would risk their own lives,
for others,
no rewards,
no applause, with only distrust
as their thanks…

even from the very ones they protect…

a hero known as a freak,
unknown darkness,
color of death (only by tales of the ignorant)…

a hero who speaks rough
tactless to a fault,
but nevertheless helps the ones
who can’t help themselves…

a hero who bonds with outcasts
shunned by the populace for whatever reason.

Hated by the authority for obvious ones,
why, damn why do they give a fuck?

Why care for taking bullets and receiving them as well?

Why give a care for nothing in return?

To be ignore like a shadow.

To be overlook like a flicking light blub in the dark streets.
To be called a hero..
by the downtrodden,
the hopelessness,
the sick,
the hard workers of less glamorous jobs,

who is this hero,
that gives their lives
for a society who hates

time to find out September of 2012!!!

(artwork done by Joel “Yoel” Charles and F. Kenneth Taylor of St. Louis, MO)


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