“Every one loves to dance to their own fucking song…”

Ghoul of MCPD’s Ghost Squad

shadowkill city

Ghost Squad File #21B (Potential Threats con’t)

Name: Dennette Gravey
Birthplace: Jacksonville, FL
Age: 30
Height: 5’6
Weight: 111lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Occupation: Professor of Social Work at Midwest City South University. Also Founder of Domestic Violence Shelter for Women & Children
(Status: Casual relationship with Yosul of Lost Tribe)

Professor Dennette Gravey is an instructor at the university teaching various subjects in counseling and sociology. She grew up in the outskirts of Jacksonville, Florida until she first left for college. The daughter of Marcus (a southern preacher and natural herb farmer) and Leola (a natural healer, massage therapist, and librarian), she had a peaceful yet informative childhood. The early education of good health and “small town” economics (barter & trade) was ingrained in her at the early age of 7yrs old. Dennette graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Social Work from Spellman College and received her master’s degree…

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  1. ShadowKill says:

    Coming this month!!! Look for “Shadow Within a City!”

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