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Shadow Within A City is out!!!

shadowkill city


Miguel Vargas


Race: Hispanic

Height: 5’10

Weight: 155lbs

Eye color: Dark brown

Facial features: side burns with gold tee (solid black)

Skin tone: light brown tone

Age: 27 years old


Son of his late parents Manuel and Rosemary Sosa in Havana, Cuba; Miguel Vargas was sent to NAF (Northern Atlantic Front) at the age of 3yrs old. Shortly after his departure (roughly about 3 months later) from Cuba the country was destroyed by an unknown force in the form of devastating tidal waves and earthquakes in which suspicion pointed to NAF’s Security Council of the Atlantic Front (SCAF) behind the massacre but with little to no evidence. The suspicion became a rampart rumor due to SCAF’s dealings with WISK’s (Western Institute of Science and Knowledge) weather project called Angel Tears that on the surface was use to study weather…

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