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I am back after a long absence (New Year, holidays, etc…). Here to give you a sample of Shadow Within a City, the conversation between Dr. Anthony Payne and Det. Glenn Higgins over the disappearance of their friend……


Shadow Within A City“We have a problem,” Dr. Payne said with evident concern.

“What sort of problem?” asked Det. Higgins?

Dr. Payne didn’t answer, as he just gazed at the GPS laying on the coffee table, listening to it’s rhythmic beeping.

“Yosul,” Det. Higgins crackled.

“Yes, I was about to go…”

“Doc, I’m the only one who can go, we don’t have a choice!”

“Well, we need…”

“Look Anthony,” Det. Higgins snapped, “that’s not going to happen—You’re the brains behind everything. . .We need you, here. Look, one of my inside connects just tipped me off about a huge gang fight in the Warehouse District,” he said, glancing at the GPS, “and according to this—it looks like that’s where Yosul’s at. I’m going to get him outta there—one way or another.”

“Glenn, you’re suspended, remember? You can’t go in there flashing your badge, you’re not even supposed to be anywhere near anything that concerns MCPD. Not to mention, your shoulder’s still banged up, your psyche-eval is coming up, and the start of your anger manage-ment course—You’re technically a civilian now—you really think they’re just gonna let you stroll through a possible murder scene?”

“What other choice do we have, Doc? You gotta better idea?”

Doctor Payne sighed heavily. “No,” he gasped, “Okay, you’ve made your argument Glenn, just be extremely cautious,” he remarked, “Ghost Squad could possibly be on-site, and they’re onto us now—it could also be a setup.”

“A setup, Doc!?” Det. Higgins grunted, “By who—Yosul? It’s his GPS signal we’re following—remember? Why would Yosul set us up?”

“What if he’s been captured again?” Doctor Payne rebutted.

“Even if that was the case, his captors still wouldn’t know that his Timex has a fuckin’ hidden GPS stashed in the inside—there’s no indication of that. Even if it was—it’ll be a risk I’ll just have to take.”

“I know, just be safe my friend.”

Glenn walked with quickly to his S-10 Chevy Blazer, and jumped inside. The rain was pouring heavily as he turned down Cass Avenue, the main street leading to the Warehouse District. He tapped his earpiece a couple times. “Doc, can you hear me?”
There was a short pause between raindrops, then a voice emoted, “Loud and clear, no static for once.”
Detective Higgins lit a cigarette, slightly lowered the window, and blew smoke from his nose, smirking at the same time. “Good,” he puffed, “wished I owned a hover-car right now just ran into a little traffic—Damn club-hoppers.”

“Me and you both,” replied Dr. Payne.

“You can afford it.”

“Yes, but then I couldn’t buy our weapons and other expenses would have to be forgone.”

“Oh, yeah, well—fuck the car!” laughed Det. Higgins. “I must be getting pretty close,” he continued, checking the GPS once again, “Yosul’s signal’s getting a lot stronger, and coming in more clearly now.”

“So you got an exact location?”

“I think so, Doc. Looks like he’s in Meramac Court. I know a shortcut, I’ll just dip through the villages, but we’ll have to keep communications quiet for a few minutes, just until I pass through the auto-check-points—you they monitor any radio or phone frequencies and transmissions. Call you back in a few.”

  1. Good choice for an excerpt! I remember when we were working on that part–One of my favorite passages!

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