Shadow Within A City Written by F. Kenneth Taylor & K. G. Bethlehem

Shadow Within A City
Written by
F. Kenneth Taylor &
K. G. Bethlehem

Thank you everyone for visiting our page again!  Shadow Within a City is the new anti-utopia, crime drama, sci-fi, fantasy, novel on SALE at this very moment!

The increase in emails of people wanting to have a sneak peek within the book is heard loudly and today that wish will be granted.  Also realize that if you look through the prior posts we added a couple of passages from the book as well.  Here today is another sneak peak in Shadow Within a City.  Enjoy and thanks for inquiring, supporting, and appreciating all arts as a whole!

Chapter Eight Into The Lair










Midwest City Police Headquarters: Lt. Simms Office


Due to the unorthodoxed, and sometimes reckless, destructive behavior and tactics of Ghost Squad, Lieutenant Simms had received an rather unpleasant scolding from Chief Jones ordering the after-hours unit to reform themselves or face dire consequences including demotions and possible terminations. He now entered the department’s Video Lab, in which he was previously en-route to prior to being summoned by Chief Jones, with Agent Wells suddenly emerging from the shadows, trailing close behind. She wore a fresh and clean uniform, sheathing the damage she acquired from being sandwiched between a brick wall and Detective Higgins’ car. “I need this room,” he sternly told a couple officers using the equipment.

“Be out cha’ way in one minute, Lieutenant,” the first officer replied.

“You’ll be out my way—Now!” Simms boomed with demanding authority.

The second officer turned to Simms. “Loo, you wanna use the lab, fine—but you’ll use it when wer’re done.”

“That’s it!” the unpredictable Simms roared as Agent Wells emerged from behind him.

“Hold on a second!” the first officer yelled, trying to calm the situation. “C’mon man,” he said to the second officer, “He’s a Lieutenant, and Ghost Squad leader,” he whispered, “Let’s

Shadow Within The City 77 Chapter Eight: Into The Lair


go,” he told his hot-headed partner, gently placing a hand on his shoulder. “The lab’s all yours, Lieutenant.”

Upon the officers exit, he immediately booted up the state-of-the-art video and surveillance computer and monitors. “AI-Ten, lock the door and guard it.”

“Yes Master,” the humanoid replied.

Lieutenant Simms spent the next two hours carefully reviewing the tape, but still couldn’t make anything out. Fast forward, slow-motion, rewind, pause, zoom-in, zoom-out; that was the patter he had now grew increasing tired of performing—thenfinally, he found something.

What’s this?” he uttered, “Movement in the shadows? Maybe there is something to this, Shadow Killer.” He paused the tape and enlarged the frame several times. “Damn!” he yelped, disappointed his rumored Shadow Killer had only turned out to be a blur. He returned the frame to its’ normal size and continued playing the tape.

Master, a male figure, there,” AI-10 said calmly.

Where?” Simms asked, “Show me who you’re talking about.”

“Yes Master. Rewind.” He began rewinding the tape, “Stop, there” she relayed.

Simms paused the tape again, and repeated the previous procedure. “Ahh, there is someone there. Our hero, that helped the supposed-to-be damsel in distress. That’s nothing special AI-Ten.”

Master—he appeared from the darkened portion of the parking lot.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, Master.”

A determined Simms rewound the tape again, this time further than before, then he played it forward in slow motion. After about a minute of slo-mo, he saw Yosul running from the shadows. “It appears you’re right AI-Ten. But who is he? I could use him in Gangland—I like his style of martial arts. The girl isn’t that bad either.” The sinister Periluss Simms paused the tape again, leaned back, and pondered several minutes, “I gotta find out who they are,” he said aloud. He glared at the screen several more minutes, then noticed the building and a fuzzy sign in the backdrop. “What’s this?”


Cover #1

Cover #1

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