Who Is ShadowKill?

Posted: September 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

Back into the world of MIDWEST CITY!!!

shadowkill city


Ok, so there’s a new superhero on the horizon, or should I say, semi-reluctantanti-hero, on  the horizon…Yeah, that’s more accurate.  His name is–’ShadowKill‘, but you can call him what everyone else does–Yosul [yo-sool].

In the very near future, by way of Haiti, he hails from Midwest City, formerly St. Louis, MO.  Yosul’s story begins with his life in Haiti, during his enlistment as a military soldier of the HDF, Haitian Defense Force.  One day, Yosul involuntarily becomes the Guinea-pig of a top-secret, genetic experiment that gives him the ability to transform from a ‘human‘ state of being, into a ‘shadow‘ being.  That’s right…this guy changes into a deadly, villain-killing, shadow!

This experiment also gives Yosul an entire host of ‘powers‘ and special or enhanced abilities–but it comes with a down side as well.  During…

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