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Let me start with the basic profile:

Arrogant high ranking doctor of WISK

Arrogant high ranking doctor of WISK

SCAF code file#Classified

Name: Simeon Africanus(Doctor of Astrophysics, Biology, Advanced Mathematics and Cellular Biology)

Age: 36 years old

Birthplace: Baltimore, Maryland (Parents moved from United Eastern Africa)

Birth parents: Dr. Gerard & Dr. Trinity Africanus

Height: 6’0

Weight: 163lbs

Hair style: Bald; no facial hair

Hair color: N/A

Eye color: Sea Green

Alert Status for file: None

Below is a brief summary of Dr. Africanus but after the summary is a passage from the book. With a personality such as Africanus, just writing about his profile and brief history would not do him any justice.

Dr. Simeon Africanus was a child prodigy at the age of 7 with a great insight into mathematics and physical sciences. Always rank 1st in all of his classes during his studies in the most elusive private schools throughout his childhood, after graduating high school a the age of 14. He went on to study at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and finished 1st in his class in three years (triple degree in Physics, Mathematics, and Biology. He then went on to Cal Tech and received his masters in all three majors from his undergraduate studies. He then went on to Oxford University and was the first person to ever receive his doctorates in four disciplines ( Astrophysics, Biology, Advanced Mathematics and Cellular Biology).. One of his doctoral papers (in which is enshrined in Annapolis, Maryland at the Naval Academy) was on Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle in the theory of light relations to black holes. Dr. Africanus idolized the great scientists; Christian Huggens and Thomas Young of the old United States of America for their theories in imaging of light wavelengths with the physical environment.

Just before received his numerous doctorates he work in secret with NAF’s Paramilitary in efforts of creating a comics gate that would potentially reach and harvest the energy of a black hole.

Unknown to this date if he is still working on such a phenomenon as his adventures in Midwest City was an unknown to the population of the respective city.

So with that being said here is the passage from Shadow Within A City; Dr. Africanus’s conversation with Lt. Perliuss Simms of MCPD Ghost Squad.

BloodOath boorishly exited the workshop and entered his personal chambers, which bored photos of natural worship and an enduring portrait of his mentor, Matron Tike. He sat at his desk, as the empty bottles of cherry-stained liquids of strange origin jiggles a little from his stiffened posture. What was also present was the picture of his past fiancée, Lynn, sitting on the far edge of the desk, nearly covered by several books. Using a secure line, he phoned the Chicago Branch Office of W.I.S.K.

This is the New Chicago Division of Science and Knowledge,” a young, energetic voice echoed in a customary tone, “how may I help you?”

This is Lieutenant Simms of Midwest City Police Department, I’m trying to reach Doctor, Simeon Africanus. Is he available?”

Yes Lieutenant, I believe he is, and he’s been expecting a call from you. Hold on one moment, while I put you through to his office.”

Of course,” he replied. After waiting several minutes, his call was answered, and he began his inquiries about AI-10. “Listen, Africanus,” he said, “I’m not saying Agent Wells…”

Who?” the ingenious scientist interrupted arrogantly.

AI-Ten,” BloodOath replied, reminding himself he was speaking directly to high-ranking W.I.S.K. personnel.

Next time—BloodOath,” the self-absorbed scientist intentionally retorted, “refer to my creation by it’s proper title.”

What the!?” Simms boomed, “Don’t ever use that name online…”

Are you that moronic, Simms!?” Doctor Africanus scoffed, “Obviously, you wouldn’t dare call me on an insecure line, now, let’s get to your concerns—Exactly what happened?”

Simms, slightly embarrassed by the keen insight of the egotistical, Doctor Africanus, held his tongue, once again recalling the Doctor’s influential standing within W.I.S.K. “I’m unable to say specifically what damages she has acquired, however, it has reached a point in which my technician may no longer be able to properly complete the necessary repairs.”

Hmm,” Doctor Africanus hummed, “can’t say I’m surprised—Your first blunder was

having a destitute, uneducated, G.E.D recipient, gutter-slum-technician, actually conceive the asinine notion that his insignificant brain cells would miraculously grant him the unbridled level of knowledge and conception it requires to adequately restore a flawless masterpiece such as my precious AI-Ten to full functionality. I thought, I sent you the diagrams and troubleshooting software required to operate and maintain the correct level of efficiency of the Astral Series Cyborgs?”

“That’s what I’m trying to explain to youyou arrogant prick,” Simms finally snapped, losing his patience, “He doesn’t understand the programming language of your, troubleshooting software.”

“If you, dare, call me out of my given title againyou reprobate brute—you will disappear off this planet without so much as a spectacle of residue left in your wake,” spat a smug Doctor Africanus. “It is, I, who graduated first of my class at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, for you inept specimens, that would be what you refer to as, M.I.T. It is, I, who graduated, and again, I might add, as head of my class from Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar. It is, I, who directed W.I.S.K in the direction of illustrious technologies that your mere, undersized brain would be laughable at best to comprehend. Now, you shall rephrase those erroneous statements you allowed to skulk out your mouth.”

Thanks again for taking the time to visit and again; join the fight against unseen oppression of High Mayor Brand’s administration!!

(picture created by co-creator Joel “Yoel” Charles of St. Louis, MO and currently on sale at

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