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Fallen Dragon

Fallen Dragon

Artwork by: Author F-Kenneth TaylorMATRIX ITO

Faction(s): The Serpent Society (SS)
Race/Ethnicity: Japanese
Age: 33
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 141lbs
Demeanor: Violent, Aggressive & Focused

Profile: Matrix Ito, a 10th degree Black Belt
was born and raised in Kyoto, Japan, where
he began a felonious lifestyle at a very young
age. He quickly rose from the slums of Kyoto’s
criminal underworld and became the most
feared Crimelord in Kyoto, as well as the
Eastern Hemisphere; wanted by apprehension
bureaus in Japan (Japanese Intelligence/J.I),
Germany (German Investigation Agency/GIA),
and France (Federal Apprehension Bureau of
France/FABF). He fled to Midwest City to elude
Chono Soto, and seek out BloodOath from the
advice of a mutual acquaintance. Murder,
kidnapping, extortion, black-market arms,
drugs, high-stakes robbery; there’s not a crime
Matrix hasn’t committed.

Just to give you a little look into the man; here is an excerpt—-

Outside, several squad cars and policemen waited to try and apprehend him. He looked at them smiling.

He dropped his weapon, and raised his hands high. “Here I am!” He shouted, “Come get me!” Quickly, four officers rushed him, two on the right, and two on the left. He spun to his right, and watched as the quartet collided with each other. Swiftly, he reached behind his back, grab bed two grenades, and hurled them at the police cars. The blast killed several officers and bystanders and damaged several parked cars. The officers attacked again. He leaped into the air, performing a 720 with on leg extended outward, executing a Hurricane Kick. He intentionally and accurately nailed each officer in the temple with the force of ten men, killing them all instantly. He picked up his weapon, and casually walked back to his car and drove off.

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