Yosul’s hair and skin began to disappear, as did the solid mass and composition of his physical, human form. His body quickly became transparent, then jet-black, as he merged within the surrounding shadows in wait of the unknown aggressors fast approaching. Within seconds, his ghostly transformation was complete. His mind now traveled from minor realities into a calm spirit of thought and steel to which his heartbeat slowed down to a crawl. A fire sensation inhabited his muscles, and gravity was no longer a hindrance. He was dark energy, pure strength of comfort motion and raw iron. The young urban man of Midwest City, was now the eminent—ShadowKill.

"Tell him I'm the one assassin of malevolence----the Shadow Killer!!!"

“Tell him I’m the one assassin of malevolence—-the Shadow Killer!!!”

How does ShadowKill relate to your outlook of how a super-hero should be?

or, is he too much of a anti-hero that the questions would not be valid?


  1. kgbethlehem says:

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    Shadow Within A City..

  2. I’m gonna read some more of this but tell me, is this your novel? Give some background and tell me where i should begin?

    • ShadowKill says:

      Greetings and welcome to the page. Yes me (K. G. Bethlehem) and my friend, co-author F. Kenneth Taylor wrote this dystopian, crime-drama, future fiction, sci-fi novel together. It is based in the near future in a landscape that is greatly change across the United States (now Northern Atlantic Front) as well as the rest of the world.

      To be honest the first post of this blog give a better summary and would save me the time retyping it lol (https://shadowkillcity.wordpress.com/2012/06/10/who-is-shadowkill/)

      The rest of this blog takes a look at the individual characters of the novel and also breaks down the political/social boundaries of NAF including the difference of psychological status of the citizens. It is a super-hero novel but with a gritty, unapologetic theme that demands the reader understand things will have to be done the wrong way to make it right (yeah, that’s a little double-think right there lol).

      Again thanks for visiting and hope you enjoy the blog!

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