Graphic -- Murder crime scene tape

There were missing clues to the death of Chief James Tinsworth that even the representatives of SCAF are unable to make a connection. The Alert Status remains at 2 for the time being; an odd occurrence due to the high ranking status of the former chief of Midwest City Police Department (MCPD).

He had no known family really, his wife Judy Crowns-Tinsworth died six years ago from breast cancer. His older son was killed in a car crash returning back to NAF South Section Paramilitary Base 13 in the Arizona providence. No known cause for concern over his character are noted.

James Tinsworth was shot in the head, and twice in the neck by a 9mm at close point blank range; hollow tip bullets to be exact.


"People in general are getting too nosy---too much fucking thinking..."

“People in general are getting too nosy—too much fucking thinking…”

Now remember, this is the story that must be use in all national controlled state media; the freelance local news centers in the cities will follow suit unless their funding for “clear air time” will cease immediately.

High Mayor Brand is the sponsor for compliance for this one. Meaning, nothing will come out or even be suggested of cover up. If any mention of Ghost Squad, Lt. Periluss Simms in any type of investigation and/or inquires will be taken as a threat to Homeland security. Also if it begins to pick up steam, “neutralized it” at its progeny .

Progeny, yes I said it. A reminder to all we hold dear.

Meeting is adjourned, classified silence of Order 534. Good day.

(High level meeting of SCAF Midwest Division Office with conjunction with the Southwestern Division personnel).

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