Chapter 1 of Shadow Within A City; a distrubing look into a sad child…

Posted: February 1, 2014 in Uncategorized

Shadow Within a City—a look into Chapter 1

KG Bethlehem

Greetings everyone..,

This late evening I have a treat I would love to bestow. Here is the complete first chapter of K.G. Bethlehem & F. Kenneth Taylor’s Sci-fi, dystopian, crime drama novel called—-


I really hope you enjoy the read and please if you have any comments, good or otherwise please leave share them. Critical voices are whatever writer needs, keeps us grounded…

But to the point, helps us improve our craft. As usual have a cigarillo and coffee on me.


Chapter One Periluss

The Isles of New Sweden March of 2011: 24 Years Ago

The successful corporate gurus, also husband and wife, Hayden and Krishna Simms, watched their son, four-year old, Periluss Nicolas Simms, playing happily with his toys, as they discussed his future.

The couple lived in a rather lavish mansion built into the side of a cliff, overlooking the aqua-blue seas, and…

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