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Shadow Within A City Written by F. Kenneth Taylor & K. G. Bethlehem

Shadow Within A City
Written by
F. Kenneth Taylor &
K. G. Bethlehem

Please take time to watch. This was a rare opportunity for Kevin G. Daniel (K.G. Bethlehem) and myself (Author F. Kenneth Taylor) to appear together and discuss our book,  Shadow Within a City.  This is a commentary, so its not a short video, but you’ll get a lot of insight about the book and our upcoming works. We truly appreciate all your support.

K.G. Bethlehem & F. Kenneth Taylor; down STL 2011.  oh the dude with the red pants in the background; Joel "Yoel" Charles

K.G. Bethlehem & F. Kenneth Taylor; down STL 2011. oh the dude with the red pants in the background; Joel “Yoel” Charles

Greetings everyone!!

Great news, both authors me (K.G. Bethlehem) and F. Kenneth Taylor will conduct a video discussion about Shadow Within A City along with other projects within the ShadowKill universe. We will also talk about Science fiction in general along with individual projects coming up in the near future. If anyone has any questions they want answered please leave a comment below and we will make sure we answer all that is presented to us.

Video discussion will take place Saturday; March 7th look for the video blog sometime in the afternoon.
Again thank you all for the support and following of the creative world of Shadow Within A City..

Shadow Within A City Written by F. Kenneth Taylor & K. G. Bethlehem

Shadow Within A City
Written by
F. Kenneth Taylor &
K. G. Bethlehem

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SCAF code file# 13A

Name: Yosul ???
Age: 23-30 years of age?
Birthplace: Unknown; assuming somewhere in Haiti?
Birth parents: Unknown (*mark for High Internal Clearance from authorization of WISK).
Height: 5’11?
Weight: ???lbs
Hair style: Afro
Hair color: Dark Brown or Black
Eye color: Brown?
Alert Status for file: Codification 2 (*mark for additional information is per WISK permission)

Reports from Midwest City Police Department; notably Ghost Squad headed by Lt. Simms gives Yosul the classification of being the most dangerous man in Midwest City. Thefts of money taken from houses of high ranking officials of WISK and assaults on police officers are part of Yosul’s one man crime spree. There are also reports of him attempting to assassinate Lt. Simms himself inside the offices of Ghost Squad (underground after-hours police unit of Midwest City Police Dept.).

Further reports are concerning abnormal abilities from Yosul that displays inhuman responses from external conflict directed towards him. In other words he has killed his enemies with no known weaponry from Earth. Details are classified as already a high ranking official of WISK is at MCPD as of this moment attempting to uncover the reasons for such a report. As of this time; further information on this subject is strictly prohibited unless permission granted by WISK officials and signed off on by SCAF Alert Commanders of the assigned region.

For more information—by all means go to:


(Copyrighted All Materials protected 2011. Artwork by Joel Charles of St. Louis, MO)

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“I remembered him back in the old days. He showed such promise in being the first officer to reach sergeant within 2yrs. He drank beer every now and then with the fellas from the old District Crimes Unit. He smoked cigars, fine cigars but didn’t inhale any of them. He loved his wife and child, he loved them so much. I distinctly recalled the day when he lost his wife and child. It was a car accident by a drunk driver. They didn’t have a chance, they died instantly. He took it very hard. He didn’t forgive himself for whatever reason and the sad thing about all of this—he became a drunk and was demoted to back to the investigation unit.”

Shadow Within A City..

mercy's stuff 040

If you have to describe this man in 5 words or less what would it be?

Here’s a hint, an excerpt from Shadow Within a City..

“Excuse me for actually giving a fuck,” retorted Det. Higgins, who, despite being outnumbered, had decided he wasn’t going to be disrespected much longer. “If you must know,” he snapped back, “I’m asking because I’m concerned about his health. He’s not gonna last much longer, if he don’t receive, professional medical attention, and if he has a record, than I don’t have to tell you, he can’t be admitted to a regular hospital—but I have connections, and I can help—believe it or not! So, what’s it gonna be hot-shot? You gon’ keep playin’ this tough-guy bullshit with me, or, are you gonna do what it takes to save your friend?”

Pg. 1 ShadowKill Comic

Pg. 1 ShadowKill Comic

Pg. 2 of ShadowKill Comic

Pg. 2 of ShadowKill Comic

What is very interesting; I and Joel “Yoel” Charles were the creators of the comic book ShadowKill but F. Kenneth Taylor was the first person to draw the first two pages of the comic (issue 1).  More interesting F. Kenneth Taylor joined the project after I wrote the first three issues and at that time I knew I needed help.  The creativity, energy, and the introduction into “attitude dialogue” was a breath of fresh air.  Together we wrote 50 scripts in all for ShadowKill.  Regrettably there is only one issue in print for ShadowKill due to the amount of work needed with the limited artists available at the time.

That of course did not stop us.  Together we started to put together some scripts, with a few revisions here and there and created “Shadow Within A City.”  This goes to show for everyone to never forget about past projects.  When the time permits itself, bring them back in full force!!

Also when a special person such as a very talented individual such as F. Kenneth Taylor wants to join your project; leave the ego at home and accept the help.  The old saying; two heads are better than one?!”

Well in this case, HELL YEAH!!  (also, we lost quite a bit of weight so don’t let that picture fool you LMAO)

K.G. Bethlehem & F. Kenneth Taylor; down STL 2011.  oh the dude with the red pants in the background; Joel "Yoel" Charles

K.G. Bethlehem & F. Kenneth Taylor; down STL 2011. oh the dude with the red pants in the background; Joel “Yoel” Charles


Semi-Classified due to Working Compliance order in progress.

Fallen Dragon

Fallen Dragon

Artwork by: Author F-Kenneth TaylorMATRIX ITO

Faction(s): The Serpent Society (SS)
Race/Ethnicity: Japanese
Age: 33
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 141lbs
Demeanor: Violent, Aggressive & Focused

Profile: Matrix Ito, a 10th degree Black Belt
was born and raised in Kyoto, Japan, where
he began a felonious lifestyle at a very young
age. He quickly rose from the slums of Kyoto’s
criminal underworld and became the most
feared Crimelord in Kyoto, as well as the
Eastern Hemisphere; wanted by apprehension
bureaus in Japan (Japanese Intelligence/J.I),
Germany (German Investigation Agency/GIA),
and France (Federal Apprehension Bureau of
France/FABF). He fled to Midwest City to elude
Chono Soto, and seek out BloodOath from the
advice of a mutual acquaintance. Murder,
kidnapping, extortion, black-market arms,
drugs, high-stakes robbery; there’s not a crime
Matrix hasn’t committed.

Just to give you a little look into the man; here is an excerpt—-

Outside, several squad cars and policemen waited to try and apprehend him. He looked at them smiling.

He dropped his weapon, and raised his hands high. “Here I am!” He shouted, “Come get me!” Quickly, four officers rushed him, two on the right, and two on the left. He spun to his right, and watched as the quartet collided with each other. Swiftly, he reached behind his back, grab bed two grenades, and hurled them at the police cars. The blast killed several officers and bystanders and damaged several parked cars. The officers attacked again. He leaped into the air, performing a 720 with on leg extended outward, executing a Hurricane Kick. He intentionally and accurately nailed each officer in the temple with the force of ten men, killing them all instantly. He picked up his weapon, and casually walked back to his car and drove off.

Thanks for visiting again and look forward to new posts and additions to Shadow Within A City!!