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Shadow Within A City


"Tell him I'm the one assassin of malevolence----the Shadow Killer!!!"

“Tell him I’m the one assassin of malevolence—-the Shadow Killer!!!”

No more waiting, here is a segment of the story. Dr. Payne and Yosul are at odds over Yosul’s laxity type attitude with keeping himself safe from the battles with Gangland. This passage also introduce an unexpected ally..

Or foe, you decide.





Yosul’s Loft


Roughly an hour after he escaped from Ghost Squad’s lair, Yosul was back home and amongst his friends. As Sarah patched him up, she also began interrogating him and Doctor Payne. “What happened to you? What were you doing?”
“Sarah!” Doctor Payne yelled. “We’ve already been through this tonight.”
“Yes we have, Doctor,” she quickly rebutted, “but if you two intend on making it a habit to call me in the middle of night, outta nowhere to treat bullet and stab wounds that even keeps a detective from going to the hospital, then I want know what I’m getting into, and what’s going on. I think you owe me that much. So—either tell me what you’re all up to—Or find a new nurse.”
Yosul and Doctor Payne eyed each other in silent debate. Doctor Payne slightly nodded his head in consent, giving Yosul the cue to fill Sarah in. Yosul turned to her with the most firm and serious tone of voice she’d ever heard him speak with. “I’m only gonna say this once,” he begun, “so shut-up, listen, don’t interrupt, and wait till I’m done before you ask any questions.” She gave her acknowledgment. “Detective Higgins, myself, and Doctor Payne are trying to expose the city’s corruption, political unrest, and conspiracies that we believe leads up to High Mayor Brand, and possibly further. In the process,” he continued, “we tend to encounter—altercations, which, as you can see, can be physical, violent, and life threatening. That’s it.”
“What do you mean—that’s it? No! I want details!”
Yosul, in much more pain then he originally let on to, due to the constant transformations into ShadowKill, took it upon himself to put Sarah in her place. “Look!” he roared, “right now, we don’t have time for this, and frankly—I’m really not in the mood for it—okay!? Good! I don’t care what else you want to know, and it really don’t matter because—that’s all we’re saying! So—if you don’t wanna help—Fine! Leave! Trust and believe, it’ll be no problem getting someone else to look out for us! So—the choice is yours—are you in or out!?”
“I’m in,” she huffed, pouting like a small child or toddler.
“Good,” Yosul barked, “right now, the less you know, the safer you are—Understand?”
“Sure,” she said, gathering her belongings preparing to make an exit, “If there isn’t anything else, I guess I’ll be going.”
“Naw,” Yosul said in a calming tone, “Thanks for coming. Okay,” he sighed, once he was sure Sarah was out of eavesdropping range. “Doc, they know who I am.”
“Which you?”
“Both—they know I’m working with you and Higgins’, and that I’m ShadowKill.”
“Yosul, how could you expose yourself like that!?”
“What!?” he grunted with anger, “Really, Doc!? You gon’ ask me that!? Like I’m just waltzing around showin’ off, my ‘cool’, ‘special’, powers or something!? Okay,” he grunted once more, “I’ll tell you how—Maybe, because as usual, I was in there all alone—There being their damn HQ, base, or whatever-the-hell you wanna call it! Yeah, I was in there, while you were on your laptop or something—I’m always the only one puttin’ my ass on the line! Oh!” he snapped, here’s another reason—Maybe because they literally had me shackled in chains, and put a damn gun to my head! That one good enough for you!? And here’s the best one—Maybe because if I hadn’t changed into ShadowKill—I’ll be dead right now!”
“I’m sorry, Yosul.”
“Yeah, I know Doc—You’re always sorry. We’ve been through this a million times—just leave it alone, don’t even say shit else about it. They also know about Danetta—for some reason, they’re interested in her as well.”
“But why?” Doctor Payne gasped, “How did they find out about her?”
“BloodOath has footage of the parking lot brawl at the shelter the night me and her first met—It shows me changing into ShadowKill. When you called earlier tonight, he had my phone, and saw your number—I couldn’t do shit because I was still chained up, trying to regain my strength and energy—That’s why I didn’t answer the call. Its not safe for you to go home, Doc, and its no longer safe for Abram to be here. You might wanna send him out of town for a while—things are really about to heat up. They’ve probably already gotten your address from searching and cross-referencing your phone number.”
“Yes, Yosul, you’re right. So you actually spoke to BloodOath?”
“Yeah, and I did a lot more than that—I fought em’ too.”
“You fought BloodOath!?”
“Yeah, and even as ShadowKill—he’s a very capable and formidable opponent.”
“I see. With the turn of events, we must be careful, and take time planning our next course of action. We’re crippled, we’ll talk in the morning—get some rest, you need it.”
“Sure Doc,” he puffed, “but Doc—this has gotten to the point where we can no longer do it ourselves—We need help—I need help.”
“if you could see,
what you can become,
the essence of humanity,
draped in shadows…
treasured for unknown reasoning…
savior, or villain?
Hero or not…”


Yosul garbled the words, agonizingly and softly, as his slumber almost became a burden to sustain. Sweat poured profusely down his face as he tossed and turned violently, despite a brisk night’s breeze gently cascading through the window and surfing over him, failing to ease his anxiety. His mind journeyed to another realm—another world, as his dreams momentarily became his own reality of motion and steel.
“Hear me,” murmurs a voice from the shadows. “Heed warrior, you must…”


(artwork by Joel “Yoel” Charles of St. Louis, MO)


Shadow Within A City is now available on the kindle (e-book) as well as paperback!!  We responded to a lot of emails inquiring about an e-book status…




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Shadow Within A City Written by F. Kenneth Taylor & K. G. Bethlehem

Shadow Within A City
Written by
F. Kenneth Taylor &
K. G. Bethlehem

....a future of dark and light, more so in your mind you fool!                                               -BloodOath

….a future of dark and light, more so in your mind you fool!



The revisions and editing has been completed, we’ve switched to a new publisher, and we’re just working on formatting issues. Revisions include; Behind-the-scenes inside scoops, sketches, and more!

PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO!!! I know it’s only talking, but it also gives the back story on “Shadow Within A City”, how the book came to be, and what lies ahead!




Thank you all for your support!
— F. Kenneth Taylor (
— K.G. Bethlehem (

To choose or not to choose….. or well to like or not too like… Shadow Within A City book covers…..

An ode to the unwanted of a city-official-slandering (Shadow Within A City).

The New ‘Hell’s Kitchen’: Midwest City.

Welcome to Midwest City — The new Hell’s Kitchen.  Political unrest, police corruption, and government cover-ups has climbed to an unimaginable, and ‘all-time‘ new low, meaning an ‘all-time‘ new high.  The thick, looming smog is nothing compared to the crime rate, which is ‘through-the-roof‘, and rising with no end in sight — Hell, even the Mayor’s dirty!

Now a far cry of it’s former self, St. Louis, MO; Midwest City is much grittier, grimier, and extends farther along the banks of the Mighty Mississippi River. Despite the veil of gloom that sheaths the metropolis, a recent expansion or ‘Reconstruction Era‘ has resulted in significant physical growth of the city, which is now the size of Chicago, as well as a surge in business and revenue.

The city’s high crime rate percentage has its number one contributor, the infamous gang — Gangland, to thank for its unbelievable hike, and following in a very close 2nd place, is the crooked, ‘after-hours‘ police unit — Ghost Squad, whose members could be better described as ‘criminals-with-badges‘.

Fortunately for Midwest City, all is not without hope because there’s a new sheriff, or in this case, a new anti-hero on the scene that doesn’t hesitate to incinerate the trash — his name is, ‘Yosul‘, but stick around look enough and you will come to know him better as — ‘ShadowKill‘.  Don’t worry, when things get to hot for Yosul-ShadowKill to handle alone, he has back-up from the ‘rough-around-the-edges‘ cop, Detective Glenn Higgins, and a young vigilante faction that causes all kinds of hell for Gangland — ‘Lost Tribe‘.  Together, with Lost Tribe and Detective Higgins, Yosul-ShadowKill slowly begins to eradicate the criminal element plaguing Midwest City.  Now of course things are much, much deeper, but we can’t reveal everything to you, now can we!?  Thanks for stopping by and reading!

F. Kenneth Taylor

K.G. Bethlehem