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Greetings everyone!!!

Cover #3

Cover #3

Yes it has been a very long time. Shadow Within the City is on its way back out with new additions!! Be ready for excitement around everyone corner along with some new drawings from F. Kenneth Taylor and a couple of special features from Joel “Yoel” Charles of St. Louis, MO. Along with the editing of Tanya Daniel and book placement of again F. Kenneth Taylor, Shadow Within The City will make heads turns…

Look for—

• New sections which includes a more detail background in the storyline of Midwest City and NAF (Northern Atlantic Front); written by K.G. Bethlehem and F. Kenneth Taylor.
• Great drawings from creative genius F. Kenneth Taylor along with special artwork from co-creator of ShadowKill (comic book series) Joel “Yoel” Charles of St. Louis, MO
• New editing from Tanya Daniel; added much detail in the writing.
• Great book placement and structure by again; F. Kenneth Taylor.

Again thank you for being so patient with this project; the battle of the future of the free people of NAF depends on your SUPPORT!!


....a future of dark and light, more so in your mind you fool!                                               -BloodOath

….a future of dark and light, more so in your mind you fool!


Conversation among allies…(Part II).

every city has a soul...

every city has a soul…

A few hours just passed as the others were almost prepared to meet the last associates of Gangland. Miguel and the others were gathering the last of their weapons as Yosul was quietly meditating on the impending battle. His thoughts wondered for just a bit they he soon realized—he needed some answers.

It was just before the impeding battle with Gangland. The call was made from the downtown location of Northside base; Lost Tribe Center that foot soldiers were spotted near Normandy Natural Bridge Ave. Everyone was prepared at the loft; awaiting the final order of Miguel and Det. Higgins. It was a cool evening; just rain earlier in the day as the northwest sky was starting to clear up a little. The smell of wet grass invaded the upstairs loft as Higgins sat near the window; peering outside smoking his 4th cigarette. He was undisturbed for an hour, waiting for a sign to get ready.
Waiting for a sign.

Yosul came in and saw the detective and almost left before stopping at the entrance to the room and turning around again. He neared the center as he spoke, “Glenn, you got a sec?”

“Yeah, of course,” replied Glenn as he turned around to face his face, flicking his cigarette out the ajar window.

“You knew Simms in the past did you not,” asked Yosul?

“Somewhat, not well—why you ask,” Glenn responded?

“What makes him do what he does,” spoke Yosul. “I-I don’t understand the logic in him…”

“There ain’t no fucking logic, none,” remarked Glenn. “Yosul, I totally believe you had another life before you came to Midwest City; something that showed you much blood. I know your eyes seen much even though you can’t remember but—- Simms is something different than you, I and—-how can I say this without sounding crazy. He’s beyond, normal chaos.”

“Come again?”

“Normal chaos, like a gang fight, rape, murder, robbery, white collar crimes, whatever crimes that people commit in certain times of their lives or maybe they were just bad. Simms always had a darkness too him, even be a rookie on Ghost Squad it was something off about him. He was too comfortable with brutally, death, just too fucking sane with it. I just don’t know.”

Yosul stood there, motionless as he gathering all what Glenn was disclosing.
Ever since the day of…..”

Both were interrupted by Dr. Payne. “Gentlemen and I believe it is time.”

“Got ya’ doc,” remarked Yosul. “Thanks for the talk Glenn, see you downstairs.”

As Yosul ran down the steps to meet with the core members of Lost Tribe Dr. Payne had a query, “What was that about?”

“He was curious about Simms,” spoke Glenn.

“His past?”


“Somethings are best left unsaid,” muttered Dr. Payne.

“Yeah…,” countered Det. Higgins as he lighted up another cigarette and walked down the staircase. He was ready and hopefully the rest of them are. He felt his magnum and smiled a little, he was ready to put an end to this; all of it even at the action of a gun. “Well it doesn’t really matter now; the motherfucker is crooked and evil.” He glared at this magnum and smiled again, “this will be the last think he will see…”

Thank you once again for taking the time to read a short look into Shadow Within a City. Conversations like this always shows the struggle one side has to maintain their resolve in coming up with a solution to evil.

Or in this instance their own doubts to form into conscionable reasoning.

Because, think of this for a second, if one’s own solution to dealing with such a evil threat is murder, than who can say that person hasn’t become the evil he/she wanted to stop? Does the ends justify the means or the means explains the ends in conscionable reasoning?

That’s why reality, no one is clean except for the dead.


A really good review. If you have the time please check it out.

Shadow Within a City….

The era of confusion granted by Midwest City’s dogma….

A city within a city, or dust or dirt, or even….